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OTSON Fluid Technologies


OTSON Fluid Technologies is a division of OTSON Technologies Corp, a leading provider of smart paint shop solutions. The division specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced electrostatic spray equipment, including 2K and 3K Mixer and Auto Color Change System, for various industries such as automobiles, bicycles, wheels, instrumentation, electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, household electrical appliances, daily hardware, steel furniture, doors Windows, power tools, toys and gas appliances.

The 2K/3K Mixer and Auto Color Change System is designed for precise mixing and dispensing of two or three components in a specific ratio. It features precision mixing and dispensing, flexibility, ease of use, safety, durability and easy maintenance. The system can handle a wide range of materials including liquids, gels, and pastes and can be customized to meet specific mixing and dispensing needs.

With the 2K paint hardener, it is important to use the correct mixing equipment to ensure proper dispersion and mixing of the hardener into the paint. A high-shear mixer, such as a rotor-stator or a planetary mixer, is typically used for this purpose. These types of mixers create a high level of mechanical shearing that helps to break down any lumps or clumps in the hardener, and also promotes better dispersion of the hardener particles throughout the paint.

The 3K paint system, on the other hand, typically includes a base paint, a hardener, and a thinner or reducer. It is usually necessary when the paint is required to have specific curing and hardness properties. The system requires proper mixing and measuring equipment, as well as appropriate safety equipment, to ensure proper mixing, dispersion, and safe handling of the components.

OTSON Fluid Technologies is committed to providing advanced and efficient electrostatic spray equipment that helps customers improve their painting processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency, while reducing environmental impact. The division’s products are known for their high-quality finishes, reduced paint waste and increased production rates, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment (ROI) for customers.

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