OTS-51 Paint Dosing Pump -Gear Pump
Gear Pump
Gear Pump

OTS-51 Paint Dosing Pump -Gear Pump

OTSON Gear Pumps are positive displacement pumps designed to handle high viscosity liquids in industrial applications such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and food and beverage production. The handmade pumps use a pair of gears that rotate to transfer fluid and create high pressure and flow rate, with hardened steel gears for precise operation. The control box can control two gear pumps simultaneously, and a digital frequency inverter allows for easy output control. OTSON Gear Pumps are built to last with a low failure rate, easy maintenance, and long-life operation.

OTSON Paint Dosing Pumps are precision metering pumps that dispense small amounts of paint or other liquid coatings in industrial painting and coating applications such as automotive manufacturing and wood finishing. They feature high-precision metering for consistent and uniform coating, with the ability to handle high viscosity liquids and dual coating of solvent and waterborne paints. The pumps offer stable delivery, excellent repeatability, and fine-tuning of delivery rate, making them ideal for automated lines.

Both products offer high precision and durability, with low failure rates and easy maintenance. The OTSON team is available to assist customers with integration and optimization of these pumps in their specific processes. Using OTSON Gear Pumps and Paint Dosing Pumps can improve finishing quality, reduce fluid and paint waste, increase production rates, and ultimately provide a higher return on investment for businesses.


OTSON Gear Pumps: -Handmade for precise operation -Made with hardened steel with a high Rockwell hardness -Capable of controlling two gear pumps simultaneously -Pump output is controlled by a digital frequency inverter for precise control

  • Long life operation
  • Low failure rate -Easy maintenance

OTSON Paint Dosing Pumps:

  • High precision metering for consistent and uniform coating -Capable of handling high viscosity liquids
  • Available in different configurations and sizes to meet specific application needs -Ability to handle dual coating: Solvent and Waterborne Paints -Improve finishing quality -Reduce fluid/paints waste -Stable delivery at all times -Excellent repeatability of delivery parameters -Fine-tuning of delivery rate possible -Ideally suited for automated lines

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Gear Pump Control System
Electrostatic spray isolation box for gear pump

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