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Introducing OTSON Technologies Corp: Leading the Way in Professional Paint Shop Manufacturing

OTSON Technologies Corp is a company that specializes in designing, constructing, and installing paint shop systems for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, woodworking, and more. As part of our commitment to innovation, we recently restructured the well-established OTSON brand known for its professional liquid (solvent and water-based) electrostatic spray equipment and fluid transfer systems. The OTSON brand is now known as iOTSON Paint Shop Technologies and offers advanced liquid and powder electrostatic spray equipment, fluid transfer systems, and unique CO2 emission and energy-saving technologies.

At OTSON Technologies Corp, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in Industry 5.0 and have developed innovative technologies to enhance paint shop operations’ performance and efficiency. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and develop a paint shop system that meets those requirements. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians ensure that our customers have access to the latest and most innovative technologies while also being environmentally friendly.

Our range of products and services includes complete paint shop systems, iOTSON Smart Paint Shop, OTSON Liquid Electrostatic, OTSON Powder Electrostatic, and OTSON Fluid Technologies, as well as Industry 5.0 technologies, 2K and 3K mixer technology, CO2 emission and energy-saving solutions, installation and commissioning, training, and after-sales service. Our modern facilities and technologies, combined with our team’s expertise in the industry, enable us to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions to our customers.

We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals and enhance their paint shop performance. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and our latest addition, iOTSON Paint Shop Technologies.

Research and Development - Over 40 years
Electrostatic Spray - Product Type
  •    Paint Shop
  •    Paint Kitchen
  •    Pretreatment
  •    Mixer Room
  •    Spray Booth
  •    Disinfection Equipment
  •    Coating Equipment Industry
  •    Precision Machinery
  •    Electronics Industry
  •    Embedded System
  •    Liquid Coating
  •    Waterborne Coating
  •    Metal Coating
  •    Wood Coating
  •    Plastic Coating
Application of Coating Industry

  1. Automotive: cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

  2. Aerospace: airplanes, helicopters, satellites, and other aircraft.

  3. Manufacturing: industrial equipment such as machinery, conveyor systems, tanks, and other metal structures.

  4. Marine: ships, boats, yachts, and other watercraft.

  5. Furniture: chairs, tables, cabinets, and other furniture pieces.

  6. Medical: medical equipment such as MRI machines, X-ray machines, and surgical instruments.

  7. Appliance: household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and other large appliances.

  8. Agricultural: farm equipment and machineries, such as tractors, plows, and harvesters.

  9. Construction: buildings, bridges, and other structures such as towers and cranes.

  10. Electrical: electrical equipment and devices such as transformers, switchgear, and other high voltage equipment.

  11. Sporting Goods: bicycles, exercise equipment, and other sports-related items.

  12. Signage: signs, billboards, and other forms of advertising.

  13. Retail: store fixtures, displays, and other items found in retail settings.

  14. Food & Beverage: food processing and packaging equipment, beverage dispensing equipment, and other items found in food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

  15. Small parts: gears, bolts, and other small metal components.

  16. Bicycle: frames, forks, and other components of bikes.

  17. Computer housing: exterior of computer towers, monitors, and other electronic devices.

  18. Stationeries: pens, pencils, and other writing instruments.

  19. Wooden furniture: wooden chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture.

  20. Hardware: locks, knobs, and other hardware items.

  21. Lockers: exterior of metal lockers.

  22. Freezers: exterior of commercial freezers and refrigeration units.

  23. Iron railing: exterior of iron railings, fences, and other metal structures.

  24. Major Appliances: washing machines, dryers, and other large household appliances.

  25. Office equipment: printers, copiers, and other office machines.

  26. Desks: exterior of desks and other office furniture.

  27. Files: exterior of metal file cabinets and storage units.

  28. Office partitions: exterior of office partitions and dividers.

  29. Medical Equipment: surgical instruments, x-ray machines, and other medical devices.

  30. Metal doors: exterior of metal doors, including commercial and industrial doors.

  31. Car accessories: mirrors, spoilers, and other aftermarket car parts.

  32. Teflon pots: exterior of Teflon-coated pots and pans.

  33. Musical instruments: guitars, pianos, and other musical instruments.

  34. Environmental equipment: air purifiers, water filtration systems, Water Tanks, and other environmental equipment.

  35. Plastic products: plastic toys, bottles, and other plastic products.

  36. Metal products: metal signs, metal sculptures, and other metal products.

  37. Glass products: glass bottles, windows, and other glass products.

  38. Military:

  39. Wind Power :

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