Effective Disinfection
Reduce Coronavirus live on plastic and stainless steel surfaces

The Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfecting

Electrostatic disinfection is an innovative method that saves time, energy and costs across the board because it presents a more efficient alternative to traditional cleaning techniques and cleaning solution applications. Below are some of the many benefits of using an electrostatic system.
Reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces and hard-to-reach places by 50% compared to conventional methods

  •    Improves infection control and the spread of viruses such as influenza,coronavirus, MRSA, HIV, and many others
  •    Applies chemicals in a more efficient, uniform and controlled manner, eliminating the dangers of     overuse and reducing the number        of chemicals used and waste produced
  •    Prevents costly financial burdens associated with contagious healthcare infections
  •    Avoids cross-contamination and the movement of bacteria from one surface to another
  •    Saves chemical solution costs and those associated with long-term cleaning efforts
Disinfection -Electrostatic Spray-Manual Liquid Electrostatic Sprayer

The Effective Disinfection of Electrostatic Spray

This cleaning method atomizes cleaning solutions to produce an electrically charged spray able to wrap around surfaces of all types for an even coat. As a chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it’s given a positive or negative charge that is attracted to available or negative or positive surfaces. The spray attaches to and collects positively or negatively charged unwanted particles, which are then removed from the environment with a specially designed apparatus. Surfaces that are already covered in the cleaning solution will repel the spray, making the method extremely efficient.

COVID-19 Disinfection Electrostatic Sprayer -Electrostatic Disinfectant Application System

Electrostatic Spray - Disinfection Equipment

OTSON Technologies makes use of advanced technology to produce high-quality electrostatic spray equipment for effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces.

   The Electrostatic disinfection equipment is a tool used to apply disinfectants, mold preventative, and sanitizers to 3D surfaces for a 360-degree complete clean. Electrostatic disinfection technology is often used in facilities where mold or bacteria outbreak has been suspected or identified, but it is also a great tool in supplementing the everyday cleaning techniques used in corporate offices, medical and healthcare facilities, schools and universities, commercial kitchens and clean rooms and research and development facilities.

Electrostatic Sprayer- Positive and Negative Charge